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VIVA Loan Products

Auto Repair Loans

Auto Repair

Unexpected car trouble? Get back on the road faster with a loan from VIVA Finance.

Affordable Personal Loans

Bad Credit

Don't let bad credit get you down, VIVA loans are here to help! Check your rate to get started!

Credit Card Refinancing

Credit Card Refinancing

Refinance high-interest credit card debt with a low-cost loan from VIVA.

Credit Repair Loans

Credit Repair

Build or repair low credit with automatic payroll payments from VIVA Finance.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

Consolidate high-interest debts into one low monthly payment with VIVA Finance.

Loans for Education Employees


VIVA loans were designed with education employees in mind. Discover the power of your paycheck!

Fast Loans for Employees

Fast Loans

Fast application. Fast funding. Peace of mind. Check your rate to get started!

Loans for Federal Employees


Affordable loans with easy repayment through payroll allotments. Check your rate to get started!

Loans for Government Employees


Local, state, or federal, VIVA loans were designed with government employees in mind.

Loans for Healthcare Employees


VIVA loans were designed with healthcare employees in mind. Apply online in minutes!

Home Improvement Loans

Home Improvement

Spruce up the homestead without paying out-of-pocket. Check your rate to get started!

Insurance Deductible Loans

Insurance Deductible

Cover insurance deductibles with affordable loans from VIVA. Find your rate to get started!

Large Purchase Loans

Large Purchase

From futons & furnishings to mopeds & motorbikes, a Large Purchase Loan from VIVA has you covered!

Legal Expense Loans

Legal Expense

VIVA Finance is ready with a fast online application and funding as soon as tomorrow for legal expenses.

Medical Expense Loans

Medical Expense

From high deductibles to outstanding balances, VIVA's affordable online loans are here to help.

Catch Up on Bills

Pay Bills

Catch up on bills or get ahead of recurring payments with an affordable loan from VIVA.

Personal Loans for Employees

Personal Loans

Designed for hardworking people like you. VIVA Personal Loans are quick and easy to apply for!

Travel Expense Loans

Travel Expense

Time to travel? Ready to get back on the road-trip? Travel Loans from VIVA are here to help!

Cover Unexpected Expenses

Unexpected Expenses

Cover unexpected expenses like auto repairs, home expenses, or medical bills.

Affordable Loans for Employees


VIVA is designed to provide fast, affordable loans for hardworking employees, all online.

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