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Senior Mobile App Engineer

We are looking for a Mobile App Engineer to lead the development of VIVA’s mobile app for our banking and lending products. This role will report directly to the VP of Engineering and work alongside our development team to integrate the new mobile app with our existing cloud infrastructure and services.

Full-Stack Software Engineer

VIVA’s Engineering team is looking for someone who is interested in working at all layers of the tech stack, be that configuring CSS on the website, adding DevOps functionality to our CICD pipeline, or updating the decision logic for our underwriting model.

Back-End Software Engineer

VIVA’s Engineering team is looking to hire Full-Stack software engineers to help us as we continue to scale. Our website is written with Vue and Tailwind, hosted on AWS with S3. Our backend is written in NodeJs running on AWS Lambda and orchestrated by the Serverless Framework.

Customer Success Representative

We're looking for a motivated, high-quality Customer Success Representative to help us execute on our strategy as our growth continues to accelerate. We have originated millions in loans this year, but our goal is to grow over 5x in the next year. This role is incredibly important in helping VIVA create an inclusive financial system that works for hard-working Americans.